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WildFireSat, a Consolidated Global Fire Detection and Monitoring System

Due to shifting climatic conditions and increased fire intensity, we are experiencing an increase in extreme fire events around the world.

Space-based remote-sensing system is a viable option for wildfire monitoring and detection. However, for countries outside the tropics, current satellites do not have sufficient detail (spatial resolution), recurrence (temporal resolution), data latency (elapsed time between data collected by a sensor and its availability to a user). For Canada in particular, there is currently a gap of satellite data in the afternoon, when fire activity is at its peak.

WildFireSat will complement existing satellites to cover this data gap. Using an offset overpass time, and detectors designed specifically for wildfire detection, WildFireSat will provide high quality data at all latitudes. Integration of data from WildFireSat with data from other satellites, such as VIIRS, will provide better information on wildfire positions, intensities, speeds and directions, WildFireSat will enable accurate fire behavior predictions and drastic improvements to tools used by fire managers.

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